Personalleasing (AÜG)

Our team has many years of industry experience to ensure long-term collaboration with our employees and partner companies.

Anlagen- und Rohrleitungsbau

With the permission for commercial employee leasing according to Art. 1, § 1, § 3 AÜG, we provide temporary workers for tasks in controlled and supervisory areas. This mainly involves qualified personnel for the supervision and maintenance of conventional and nuclear facilities. Other possible areas of deployment include gas-water-heating installations, painting, the electrical industry, or metal processing, including CNC.

For the demanding activities in nuclear areas, we ensure the necessary high qualifications and suitability of our employees. We consistently maintain the validity of required documents such as radiation protection passes and officially approved dosimeters. Furthermore, our employees undergo regular safety checks and radiation protection examinations.

As a company, we are a member of the Federal Employers' Association of Personnel Service Providers and adhere to the corresponding collective agreements.

Our specialized personnel includes, among others:

  • Certified boiler and pressure vessel welders with experience in
    plant assembly and repair welding according to EN ISO 9606-1
  • Experienced construction managers (engineers and masters),
  • Specialized mechanics for fittings and pumps,
  • Fixture builders according to ISO,
  • Machinists/repair turners,
  • Pipe fitters,
  • Locksmiths and assemblers

Service Contracts

For repetitive tasks, such as service activities or similar, we offer special service contracts. This applies particularly to the maintenance and repair of industrial and power generation facilities, as well as the inspection of pressure vessels and pipelines.

Staff Recruitment / Headhunting

Our team also has many years of industry experience in staff recruitment and headhunting to serve you effectively.

Our services include for you:

  • Complete recruitment processes
  • Posting job advertisements (print and e-recruitment)
  • Employee coaching
  • Pre-selection of applicants
  • Handling process-related administration / correspondence