Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

In Germany, numerous nuclear facilities, such as nuclear power plants, research facilities, or interim storage facilities for radioactive waste, were established for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Handling such facilities or components requires utmost care and high technical qualifications of the entrusted personnel.

Anlagen- und Rohrleitungsbau

Through our many years of acquired expertise in nuclear technology and various decommissioning projects at different German and Russian sites, we belong to a limited circle of German specialist companies capable of meeting the high demands in the field of decommissioning nuclear facilities.

In connection with the dismantling and disposal of contaminated components and plant parts, special measures (e.g., radiation protection) are necessary.
Due to the prolonged exposure to radioactive substances, most components and plant parts related to the respective primary circuits often exhibit significant contaminations.

Our tasks in this context involve dismantling facilities and freeing nuclear plants from harmful substances through a clearance procedure after shutdown.
All contaminated components and materials are professionally disassembled by our certified personnel and disposed of or subjected to cleaning (decontamination) as radioactive waste.

Through meticulous planning, coordination, and supervision throughout the decommissioning process, our engineers and technicians reduce all potential risks associated with handling and disposing of radioactively contaminated components and materials to the lowest possible level.